„How To BoWiVa – TH11 Attack Strategy Guide | Clash of Clans“

Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2016

A how to guide for the new BoWiVa attack strategy at TH11 in Clash of Clans. The Bowler, Witch and Valkyries are the best troops to 2 and 3 star in CoC at Town Hall 11 against ring or island war base layouts. Certainly within the current meta, November 2016, we have found that the BoWiVa attack strategy is the strongest ground attack in the game. The tutorial breaks down step by step how to use the BoWiVa strategy to help you win those wars. The clan castle troops case be flexible, often we take a PEKKA for extra health or Giants. You can always take more Witches or Bowlers. I have listed the 5 key steps to the strategy below and if you have any further tips please drop them in the comments below.
1 – Archer Queen Walk – utilise the Grand Warden at this stage.
2 – Rage and Poison – be careful on placement to maximise spells.
3 – Bowlers and Witches – begin this stage once the Queen has begun the funnel and you can control the troop AI. Use Wall Breakers to help open the outside layer.
4 – Access the Core – once you have the funnel setup use the Jump Spell to provide access to the TH.
5 – Valkyrie Rage – test the Valkyrie AI if needed and then Rage over the top of the core.

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